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February 25, 2013




We're so happy to bring you Coast to Home. As you can tell, we have a passion for everything seaside inspired for life & home. And with summer right around the corner, our anticipation builds for all things ocean—seafood, the beach, boats, flip flops, cookouts, cocktails...the happy list goes on and on.

And while summer is on the mind, Coastal Living (our favorite publication!) recently published the 10 happiest seaside town nominees across the U.S. for 2013 and have announced a winnercongratulations to Beaufort, South Carolina! As New Englanders, we must admit—we are delighted to see that many near to us made the list of 10 happiest seaside places—among thousands!

Wherever you are, we hope you enjoy shopping with us and bringing a unique coastal style to your home.

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